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5 Claims About Fountain Pens and The Truth – What to Know

Fountain pens are often seen as works of art. They’re elegantly designed, providing an unparalleled writing experience that screams luxurious yet addictive. That said, fountain pens come with their fair share of make-believe. For example, some believe that fountain pens can leak easily, or that a fountain pen can dramatically improve your handwriting.

If you’re wondering whether or not any of these claims are true, you’ll find out more in this article. Here are five claims about the fountain pen and the truth behind them:

  1. Left-handed people can’t use fountain pens

Similar to any other pen out there, fountain pens can actually be used by anyone. This means that, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, the fountain pen will work fine.

At the same time, you may stumble across pens that are specifically designed for right-handed use as well as left-handed use. Yet, this doesn’t mean that neither party can use fountain pens. However, there is one problem that left-handed people need to keep in mind, which is that their hand might drag across the still-wet ink.

  1. You will write slower

If you’re starting with a fountain pen, you’ll tend to write slower, which is why you need to try and get used to it. However, as you slowly get used to writing with one, you’ll get up to speed until there is no difference between writing with a fountain pen and a standard one.

  1. You can only use one ink

While there are certainly inks made out there for use with specific pens, they’re all merely recommendations because you can use any ink with any pen. However, keep in mind that some ink might work better with certain pens. For example, a fountain pen that utilizes its own manufacturer’s ink might perform a bit better (better flow) than if you were using ink from a different brand.

That said, you can always test the pen with different inks and choose the one that you feel works the best.

  1. Your handwriting gets better

Similar to how a pair of hundred-dollar soccer shoes won’t help anyone be a better soccer player, a pen isn’t going to improve a writer’s handwriting as well. Sure, the pen might feel more comfortable in hand, just like a more expensive pair of shoes might feel on the feet.

Yet, you might become a bit more conscious about your writing when using a fountain pen. This might mean that you end up being more careful when you write, which results in improved handwriting.

  1. Someone else using your pen will damage it

While it is true that the nibs of fountain pens conform to its user, it takes hours and hours of writing for it to become damaged. That means that even if you lend your pen to a friend, a few words or lines aren’t going to damage it in any way.

However, this might be an excuse you can use if you don’t want to lend your friend your highly prized fountain pen.

Wrapping up

The only valid claim about the fountain pen is that all you need to know is how to write. With that, we hope that we’ve cleared out some of the claims made about fountain pens. If you were on the fence about purchasing a fountain pen for yourself because of these claims, then we hope that it is enough to encourage you to buy one!

Fountain pens are beautiful writing instruments, and we believe that everyone should have at least one in their pen collection. Whether it’ll be your statement of luxury or a show of professionalism, the pen can do all that while giving you a pleasant writing experience.

If you’re looking for fountain pens online in Australia, get in touch with us today! We are happy to help.

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