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Lamy Al-Star Green Fountain Pen- Medium


QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
NIB: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILLING MECHANISM: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or Z24 LAMY converter for bottled ink.
LENGTH: 13.8cm
MATERIALS: Aluminium, stainless steel, chrome & plastic
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian.

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There’s something exceptional about a LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen. Innovative and made of high-quality materials, every touch tells a story to thrill and inspire its admirer.

This Lamy AL-Star Green Fountain Pen is lightweight and colourful for a fresh take on a classic design. Well-balanced and easy to use, it’s suitable for all ages and talents.

Thanks to its minimalist looks and outstanding efficiency, the Lamy AL-Star Green Fountain Pen is sure to impress.

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