Lamy – Safari Fountain Pen – Medium – Aqua Sky – Gift Pack


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As bright and fresh as an October morning, the youthful LAMY Safari Special Edition Aqua Sky Fountain Pen Gift Pack lives up to its name with a crisp, solid-colour finish that feels like a new beginning.

Aqua Sky carries on the charm of recent Safari special editions with a solid colour design that features matching clips, grips and rings. The visual impact is striking, adding to the uplifting feel and making this a truly unmissable pen. Pairing it with the complementary Spring Green and Light Rose finishes completes the sweet feel of sun-dappled days that lends this special edition release a vibrant, energetic appeal.

The Gift Pack also includes T10 ink cartridges, along with a T51 bottle of LAMY ink and a converter to open up a host of new handwriting possibilities.

With a Bauhaus-inspired philosophy, LAMY has worked for over 50 years to craft a range of intuitive, comfortable and graceful writing instruments. Made in Germany to this day, each LAMY product is elegant in both function and style, making them an easy choice for lovers of handwriting.

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