4 Beginner Tips to Help Purchase the Right Fountain Pen

The magic of using a fountain pen remains today. In a world where we are drowned with thousands upon millions of pens that look similar in shape, size, and functionality, it isn’t surprising that for the few of us, we miss that magic. We want to re-experience that mystical aura of moving an exquisite pen across a canvas, writing our thoughts down as words captured in beautiful poetry. For others, they long for a pen to obtain the luxurious life they live or a tool to capture the importance of the one-and-only, signature. Thanks to that, the fountain pen is making its way back into our hands.

If you’ve never used a fountain before, or haven’t used one in quite a while, and want to purchase one for yourself, don’t worry about not knowing what to look out for in a fountain pen. Here are four aspects of the modern fountain pen you need to know to help you purchase the right pen for yourself.

  1. Choose a Lighter Material

When you’re trying out different fountain pens for the first time, look for the lighter ones. Light pens are usually made of plastic, aluminium, or a type of resin. Although these materials can come across as cheap, the lightweight helps stave off any possible cramps when writing. Of course, as you slowly get used to how a fountain pen works, you can opt for more expensive fountain pens made with precious metals.

  1. Select the Right Nib

Fountain pens come with three different nib sizes: fine, medium, and broad. The tip of your choice will depend on your writing style. If you like to write fast and wide, a broader nib can suit you. If your handwriting is more of an enclosed style, finely pact together neatly, a medium or fine tip is what you’ll opt for. If you’re purchasing the fountain pen from a pen store, the professionals there can help you determine what nib suits your handwriting best.

  1. Use a Compatible Ink

When you buy a fountain pen, you’ll need to purchase the ink for it, as well. The ink is made of water, solvents, and colour dye. Not all ink is made equal either, and we’re not talking about colour. Some ink flows differently from others, meaning that each different ink can act differently if used in the same pen. To make sure that the ink is compatible with your fountain pen, do consult with a professional. He or she will tell you exactly which ink you can and cannot use with the pen.

In terms of just purchasing an ink out the get-go, you’d be better off buying the ink from the same manufacturer as the pen you acquire, or purchase from a reputable company. It is a good chance that the pen is tried and tested to work with fountain pens, especially if they’re both from the same manufacturer.

  1. Opt for Cartridge

Modern fountain pens are much easier to fill with ink compared to traditional pens, thanks to technology. Fountain pens now support a cartridge, sort of a container that holds the ink. When you run out of ink, all you have to do is to swap out the cartridge. Of course, the cartridge is excellent if you’re looking for a fountain pen that’s easy to use and easy to fill. If you’re looking for the genuine fountain-pen experience, use bottled inks to refill the pens instead manually.

By keeping an eye out for each of these features of a fountain pen, you can then purchase yourself the right fountain pen that not only serves your need but enhances your writing experience as well. As you use a fountain pen, you’ll find what you like (and perhaps dislike) and make plans to purchasing newer, more expensive ones.

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