3 Things to Look Forward to When Buying a Fountain Pen

It’s no secret that using a fountain pen can be quite difficult to some extent because of all its intricacies. However, using one can help develop a certain level of handwriting skill that you probably won’t get anywhere else. The fells, swoops, and straights of finely moving your wrist and fingers together to create beautiful forms of text are enough to reel anyone into taking a chance on using fountain pens. As opposed to regular ballpoint pens, fountain pens serve as tools that can elevate the art of handwriting to an entirely new level.

Honing your handwriting skills with a fountain pen can be quite overwhelming to fathom. However, getting into the craft isn’t as difficult as one may fear it to be. As a matter of fact, you’ll wish that you got into it sooner.

Why you’ll enjoy the process of learning how to work with a fountain pen

As a completely different experience from using the ballpoint and rollerball pens that you use every day, fountain pens trade convention and a uniform writing experience for a writing sensation beyond words. Before you rush over to your local fountain pen store and pick one out right away, here are a few aspects of the writing experience that you should definitely be excited about:

  1. Being able to create rich, uniform lettering

Unlike conventional ballpoint pens, fountain pens take the focus away from efficient writing and place it on the aspect of creating beautiful lettering instead.

Generally, fountain pens are designed to become much easier to deal with when creating intricately-penned sentences that feature your own unique handwriting. Just like the uniqueness of every person’s handwriting, each fountain is designed to match various types of hands, writing styles, and preferences to create a more unique writing experience.

  1. No kinks or struggles with writing across any paper

The steel (or in some cases, gold) nib that every fountain pen has is designed and engineered to create a smooth, effortless flow across any type of paper. Every nib is oriented and set the way it is in order to ease up the process of creating long-form, cursive handwriting through a free flow of dye-based ink as you glide across every page.

  1. More comfort in every penned letter

Fountain pens make it much easier to create rich, uniform lettering because of their ergonomic design that places emphasis on comfort and technique above all else. Effectively, it makes it much easier to create beautiful lettering for much longer.

When you hold a fountain pen and write with it for the first time, you’ll notice that it will be automatically set at a 45 degree angle with your wrist slightly being elevated. This unorthodox posture is actually the optimal way to write with a fountain pen, and having the right fountain pen will inspire it right into being a habit. Your arm and hand will thank you later!

Beginning your handwriting refinement journey with a fountain pen is one of the most exciting self-improvement experiences that one could possibly take on. It’s about time to jump right into the world of testing your penmanship skills with a fountain pen.

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