6 Reasons a Fountain Pens is the Perfect Gift

Gifting someone a fountain pen is like giving them a ray of hope. It inspires a person to create more art and explore the many ways of its application. It also helps a person commit to a hobby, which can effectively reduce stress. It gives a big push of encouragement to the person you give it to, and it sends the message that you believe in their capabilities. Here are five reasons a fountain pen is a perfect gift.

 1. It encourages creativity.

A fountain pen is an excellent material for creating art. You can use it for different styles of calligraphy. You can write your favourite quotes in various writing styles and have them framed. With a wide range of ink colour choices, you can brighten up any surfaces, as you desire. You also have other fun ink options, such as glow in the dark inks or shimmered ones. With all these options available, there are many ways to explore your creativity with fountain pens.

 2. It’s an art material at a lower cost.

The smart thing about fountain pens is that it uses either bottled ink or refillable ink cartridges. You can continuously use your fountain pen and buy only the bottle of ink, which on average, costs from $10 to $15. This will be more economical compared to using a rollerball or ballpoint pen wherein you will need to replace the pen itself.

 3. It is good for the environment.

A fountain pen is a more sustainable choice for a pen since it has minimal wastage. Unlike a regular ballpoint pen that needs to be replaced regularly, you only need to refill the bottle of ink or the ink cartridge. Refilling the ink will take some time, and you will also have to clean your pen regularly. However, the task of refilling and cleaning can be quite easy and fun once you get used to it.

 4. It improves hand coordination.

With regular use, fountain pens enhance one’s handwriting. It uses liquid ink that requires the right pressure and control to produce beautiful effects in writing. It takes patience and discipline to practice the use of a fountain pen. With proper practice and long-term use, the muscles in your hands will soon be well-trained for calligraphy writing.

 5. You can appreciate history.

Writing with a fountain pen is one of the earliest methods of writing. You will learn to appreciate how our families from generations before used to write. It’s a great glimpse of our culture and tradition, long before the advancements of technology.

 6. It discourages dependency on gadgets.

When you write with a fountain pen, everything is manual. You can write letters or do bullet-journaling with the freedom to personalize everything manually. It teaches you to work without the use of gadgets. It will take a lot of patience to finish your desired piece, but the feeling of satisfaction will be worth it.


Fountain pens can be given as a gift to your friends, family, or special someone. If you’re a parent, you can also pass it on as a beautiful heirloom. There are many benefits to owning a fountain pen and endless ways to express yourself with it. You may want one for yourself, too. Keep in mind that it’s not too late to try a new hobby.

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