4 Reasons to use Fountain Pens for your Everyday Writing

The first patents of fountain pens date back to the 1800s, evolving from the old quill-and-ink way of letter writing. There have been many innovations in writing tools since then, with the ballpen remaining to be the most common instrument. In this digital age, when sending out letters means typing an email or a text message, fountain pens still have an important place in society.

These days, fountain pens are still used for signing legal documents such as contracts and affidavits. Artists also use them to create masterful graphic illustrations. And engineers use them to sign off on important drawings. Because of the fountain pen’s artistic and elegant design, most people now view them as luxury items and status symbols. However, they may also serve as everyday writing instruments, with many manufacturers offering more affordable options.

Studies show that fountain pen sales have been steadily rising in recent years. As many people are looking for personalization and emotional connection, we’re seeing a resurgence of this classic writing tool in our culture today.

Whether for purposes of collection, calligraphy, or everyday writing, here are four reasons to use a fountain pen:

  1. It reduces hand fatigue and cramping

Many people have the misconception that fountain pens are complicated instruments because they use liquid ink. On the contrary, they flow smoother and require less pressure from the writer. With ballpoint pens, you need to grip tighter and write more forcefully to get the ink on the paper. If you’re taking down notes for long sessions, you’ll feel your fingers cramping after a while. Fountain pens release ink using the weight of the pen itself, allowing for a more comfortable writing experience.

  1. It offers different nib sizes

Modern fountain pens provide much flexibility to its users. They come in different nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad. If you’re new to using fountain pens, you can start with the smallest nib size. Once you get more comfortable, you can experiment with different tips to create distinctive styles. There are also specialized nibs such as italic and stubs, which are often used by calligraphers on elegant correspondence, including wedding invitations, programs, and fancy handwriting.

  1. It has more colourful inks available

If you’re looking to be more creative with your journaling, one of the best features of fountain pens is that you can choose from hundreds of ink colours. You can get the exact shade of cherry red, sepia brown, or other unique hues you won’t typically find in ballpoint pens. There are waterproof inks, glow in the dark, and even glittery ones! Fountain pens easily inspire users to be more creative and expressive.

When you first buy a fountain pen, it usually comes with a cartridge of black or blue ink. Cartridges are convenient, but they generally only come in primary colours. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start simple before experimenting with bottled inks.

  1. It offers an economical advantage

While a fountain pen is more expensive than a disposable ballpen, it still offers significant economic benefits. A bottle of ink can last up to a year, even when you use it every day. Though you’ll be investing in the pen itself, in the long run, it’s more economical to buy ink and cartridges rather than throwing away the actual tool.

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