5 Practices to Avoid When Using a Fountain Pen

Nothing beats the old-school use of pen on paper. Even in this digital world, many still use a pen to scribble, doodle, or jot down notes, among others. When it comes to a vast array of pens to use, fountain pens top the list. They look well written on paper, whether you are writing manually or drawing a caricature. While investing in fountain pens is great, there are a few practices that are associated with it that you ought to be wary of.

That said, below are six common practices that you should avoid when handling fountain pens.

  1. Applying pressure on the pen

Putting too much pressure on your fountain pen when writing is one common mistake. Chances are, many individuals are used to handling Ballpoint pens that typically entail writing with pressure. Know, however, that it’s a different case for fountain pens. They must be handled and written gently. Take note that they are intricately designed to have free-flowing of ink.

  1. Utilizing a low-quality ink

You must not overlook the importance of the quality of your ink. It is all the more important when using fountain pens. Using cheap ink may impact your pen’s performance negatively and even damage it to a certain extent. Most manufacturers produce their own brand ink, so make sure that you use that for your fountain pen of cheaper options. Think of your pen as a car, while the ink is the fuel—they should go hand in hand.

  1. Not using the right paper

Since you’re using a high-quality fountain pen, it only makes sense that you use the right paper with it as well. Make sure to invest in paper that can absorb your ink properly. Look for paper that can support the fountain pen, whether it’s a notebook, diary, or journal. Using the wrong paper can be a nightmare for fountain pen lovers.

  1. Not writing your pen regularly

You’ve may have noticed with other appliances, that when you don’t use them regularly, they tend to lose their function. This same principle applies to your fountain pens. They are like machines that ought to be well-serviced regularly. Make sure that you use it to ensure that your fountain pen will last for a longer time while exhibiting optimal performance.

  1. Taking the nib for granted

As far as fountain pens are concerned, the nib is the most crucial part of the pen. As it is the heart of your fountain pen, using it can be rather tricky. To ensure that it’s taken care of properly, consider a few important reminders. First, always keep your pen in a safer place. Second, never leave the pen open for a long period. Know that the nib type can impact your writing experience when using fountain pens. Whether it’s broad, fine, or medium, choose a nib that’s suited for your handwriting.

// Final words

Maximizing the many potentials of fountain pens is one matter, and taking good care of them is another. As outlined above, make sure to be gentle with your pen, use high-quality ink and paper, use it regularly, and pay particular attention to its nib. All these practices will ensure that your fountain pen will function well and last for as long as possible.

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