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4 Benefits of Gifting Fountain Pens to Your Corporate Partners

Every other company thriving in this business landscape knows the importance of establishing stable, long-term relationships with their clients to ensure traffic in their operations – the year in, and year out. That’s why giving gifts to your clients as a token of appreciation can boost your customer relations in one of the most impressionable ways to-date.

It shows you look beyond their wallets and prove they are valuable to you as clients. With that in mind, choosing a unique yet appropriate gift can be daunting with the limitless choices available. In that regard, one of the classical options is fountain pens.

Not only does it suit any professional, but the extensive range of prices and writing instruments make it perfect for any budgets and tastes. From over-the-top to affordable selections, fountain pens are an impressive choice. To that end, below explores why you can’t go wrong with fountain pens:

Benefit #1: You Can Personalize Fountain Pens

If you want to go the extra mile in your gift-giving and add a personal touch for each client on your nice-list, customizing fountain pens are the way to go. Just like watches, cufflinks, and other accessories, a fountain pen tailor-made to suit a customer’s mark can ensure a powerful and lasting impression.

Benefit #2: Offer a Luxurious and Expressive Writing Experience

Fountain pens don’t hold back in showing off its sophistication – whether it’s from a luxurious brand or an affordable workhorse. The design itself exudes understated elegance and promotes physical comfort as the ink effortlessly glides over the surface of the paper.

That means clients can enjoy long sessions of an expressive writing experience without suffering from any cramps or muscle fatigue as you pen down brilliant strokes with less pressure. The vast choices for nib sizes also leave more room to choose one that suits various styles – from fine strokes to thick and broad calligraphy.

Benefit #3: Practical and Useful

Giving gifts to clients is a way to bolster your relationship; that’s why offering a gift that anyone can use daily is a smart way to reinforce your presence. With that in mind, fountain pens provide a practical yet pleasurable experience even in mundane workdays.

Benefit #4: A Lifestyle Statement for Years to Come

In this digital age, where offices are becoming paperless, and ballpoint pens have become a disposable standard, having fountain pens reserved for special occasions make it a must-have accessory status. That’s why presidents always go for the fountain pen when signing treaties – never a Bic pen.

Not only that, but fountain pens are also an economical choice as it can last for decades so long as it receives proper care and maintenance. There are limitless options for the ink cartridges – from a rainbow of colours to an array of prices that can adapt to your changing style for years to come.

In Conclusion

Fountain pens come in varying shapes, sizes, and colours – which is why it can be as diverse as the clients on your gift list. With that in mind, fountain pens are the perfect gift for companies who want to add a unique touch to any occasion.

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