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Teaching Children the Art of Fountain Pens

Creativity in expounded when it comes to writing with fountain pens that kids will undoubtedly enjoy. Nowadays, we live in a world where gadgets have taken over the happiness and time of a child. Because of this, it’s now time to teach kids the value of using fountain pens. Fountain pens are fun to use and an excellent way to show off your writing skills to other people. They’re the perfect gift for kids to help them learn a new skill while they’re still young.

If you’ve been eyeing on a gorgeous set of fountain pens and wonder if it’s meant for kids, then know that your instincts are right. Here are some of the best ways to teach kids the beauty of writing with a fountain pen.

 Teach them how to hold a fountain pen

Learning how to write with a fountain pen relies on how well they can hold one. Keep in mind that it requires discipline and attention to detail to learn the art of writing with a fountain pen. Unlike a regular pen, there is a required amount of soft pressure while holding the pen, accompanied by holding it at the right angle. Once children overcome the challenge of learning how to hold the pen properly, they will feel the satisfaction of having achieved the first essential task.

 Teach them that there are modern designs to enjoy

Kids don’t have to be discouraged by the original hard-to-use fountain pens. Know that the old-fashioned fountain pens are popular for being difficult to learn to use and manipulate because they often result in broken nibs, ink leaks, and frequent smudging. Today, however, there are modern pens available that are easier to use. They are now infused with improved technology so that inconvenient ink leaks and broken nibs will no longer be issues. As a result, your child can now have the option to choose varied styles that are specifically tailored to them.

 Teach them the importance of handwriting

In the past, before the advancement of technology, people used to give more importance to handwriting. Unfortunately, with the introduction of today’s gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, it has decreased the opportunity to enjoy and practice one’s handwriting skills. Because of this, you need to remind your kids of the importance of handwriting by allowing them to practice. Know that handwriting can help children focus on their spelling, and, at the same time, improve their hand and brain coordination.

Teach them the history of fountain pens

What better way to inspire children to use a fountain pen than to give it as a present? Fountain pens brilliantly and elegantly designed, and they also bring many wonderful stories with it. Gifting children with a beautifully crafted fountain pen will bring them closer to parts of its history. You can tell them about the first uses of fountain pens, such as how it was used to send letters during the war, or how it helped lovers across the world stay connected.


Fountain pens are great for kids because they won’t have to feel intimidated when using them. Remember that there are modern versions available that are tailor-made to fit children’s writing style perfectly. You can also choose among various ink options, such as glow in the dark or shimmered ink. With the many fun options of fountain pens available, your children will surely have unlimited ways to explore their creativity.

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