Taking care of your fountain pen

The Proper Way of Taking Care of Your Fountain Pen

Many people prefer using fountain pens as opposed to traditional ballpoint ones due to their ability to conform to one’s writing style. They’re also easier on the hand because they don’t require you to press that hard on the paper to make a mark.

This allows you to write for extended periods without experiencing fatigue. Not to mention, fountain pens are also more eco-friendly as they’re not disposable. Unlike ballpoint pens, they’re not a one-and-done device that you can throw away once they run out of ink.

But fountain pens are also sensitive writing instruments that necessitate proper care and maintenance. If you want them to last, you must follow a series of steps to ensure their longevity. To help you out, here is a handy guide that you can use to guarantee that your fountain pen will last for years to come:

Holding your fountain pen

For starters, you should hold your fountain pen properly when writing. And since the nib of the pen has malleable properties that contour to your writing style with continued use, your pen should only be used by you. When you write, it’s also recommended that the nib should receive even pressure on each half to avoid damage.

Storing your fountain pen

When not in use, the nib of your fountain pen should remain upright so the ink will drain back down into the converter or cartridge. Contrary to popular belief, this will avoid the drying or clogging of the nib. It’s also best to place it into a case or pouch to maintain the shiny finish of the pen. If you’re bringing your pen while travelling, ensure that the cartridge or converter is either inserted or removed prior to flying.

Cleaning your fountain pen

Just like your car that needs a regular oil change, your fountain also needs internal cleaning, ideally once a month. To start, carefully remove the cartridge or converter and flush the ink out using cold tap water. If the converter is built-in, it’s best to draw cold water up through the nib and then force it out. To dry, all you have to do is gently blow air through the nib assembly to zap all the water and dampness out. You can also use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry it further.

Now, if you feel like dried ink is stuck in the nib, carefully take the nib section out of the pen and place it into a glass of clean water overnight. Place a sheet of kitchen roll at the bottom to serve as a rest for the nib and let the water completely cover it. The following morning, rinse the nib with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Blow on it carefully to get rid of excess water, and dry the nib and gripping section using a soft cloth or paper towel. This trick should work and allow you to install a new ink cartridge or converter, and proceed writing.

In conclusion

As long as you take care of your pen properly, you can ensure that it will last you a long time. If you want to invest in high-quality fountain pens, we have a vast selection of fine writing instruments that you can take your pick from.

If you’re looking for fountain pens online, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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