6 Stunning Reasons You Should Own a Fountain Pen

Some consider the fountain pen to be the peak of writing luxury, showing others through its design and elegance of how successful the individual is. For others, however, a fountain pen seems like a gimmick, being messy and expensive, and not the easiest pen in the world to use.

Yet, the fountain pen continues to be extremely popular, and here are the six reasons you should own one:

  1. It improves writing and teaches patience

When writing with a fountain pen, it forces you to write slower and be more careful. Although it can be seen as a negative experience for some, it is a positive experience for many others. First, it teaches patience in thinking carefully before writing the next word, and also patience to spell each word out correctly. Secondly, it can help improve your handwriting, not only spelling each word out correctly but to write each letter better.

  1. It connects the writer with history

Knowing that you’re handling something with such a vibrant history behind it, you find new light when writing. From taking notes in class to writing at home, writing notes with a fountain pen transforms the whole experience into something captivating and genuinely serene.

  1. It enhances the writing experience

The nibs on these pens are specially designed to give its writers the tactility they look for in writing, allowing them to write more accurately. At the same time, the pens are designed to “scratch” you just right, providing a texture while writing on paper that satisfies your deepest desires.

  1. It is beautifully handmade and designed

Fountain pens are beautiful pieces of art. You surely have seen a fair share of luxurious pens that caught your attention, wishing you had just a chance to write with it. Not only does a fountain pen provide a remarkable writing experience, but it can be a statement of success to those around you.

  1. It is extremely customizable

Knowing how humans love to be unique, a fountain pen can help you achieve just that! Unlike typical pens, fountain pens can be customized to the writer’s specifications. With thousands of coloured ink available, along with materials to make the body with, there is no limit to how you can design your fountain pen. Furthermore, it can be a tool to reflect your personality, embodying your characteristics as you write away with it.

  1. It is excellent for environmentally-aware users

If you’re doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint on the earth, a fountain pen will be your best option. Not only do they last an extremely long time (allowing you to pass it as a gift from generation to generation), but there are cheaper fountain pens in the market with replaceable cartridges, unlike standard pens, which have to be tossed once it runs out.

If you don’t own a fountain pen yet, get yourself one today! You can perhaps gift it to yourself as a birthday present or as a reward reminding you that you’ve done well in life. Remember, fountain pens do so much more than write. They reflect your personality, connect you with history, improve your writing, and show others how far you’ve come in life.

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