3 Reasons Why Fountain Pens are Making a Comeback

In this highly digitalized age where writing on screens is dominating the landscape, fountain pens are surprisingly making a comeback among the younger generation for its highly functional benefits. On the other hand, the convenience of ballpoint pens may have stolen the spotlight for the last few decades, but fountain pens are having a resurgence due to their eco-friendly design.

Without the need to constantly replace your pen, opting for fountain pens encourage people to become conscious buyers as they will only need to refill the ink for years to come. The reasons below expound on the benefits of using fountain pens, and why it is skyrocketing in popularity in spite of the test of time and other competing writing instruments.

Benefit #1: Fountain Pens are Friendly to the Environment

The importance of making eco-conscious decisions are more vital now in any other generation, which means that purchasing decisions are also influenced by this environmental trend. On that note, fountain pens are an economical choice as you will only need to invest in the ink for most of the pen’s lifespan. The ink itself is also cost-efficient compared to ballpoint pens, as a bottle will only cost you $10 to $15 even after continuous use.

Benefit #2: Using Fountain Pens Can Lessen Hand Fatigue

Ballpoint pens may be convenient as it requires no maintenance, however, it demands a small percentage of force for the ink to properly transfer to the paper. Fountain pens, on the other hand, utilizes liquid ink that naturally flow without the need for pressure. This means that writing for long sessions will save your hand from cramping as the weight of the pen is enough to transfer your message on paper without even pressing down.

Benefit #3: Fountain Pens Has Various Choices for Nib Sizes

Ballpoint or rollerball pens have different tip sizes, though fountain pens have a more extensive selection when it comes to the nib. This means that you have more room to choose a size that suits your style – be it the finest nib size for small, thin, elegant writing to broad sizes for thick and bold calligraphy.

There are also custom-made nibs like stubs, italic, or calligraphic tips, all of which are tools that aid the writer for any fancy writing that involves swirls, twists, and hoops. The nib adjusts on the direction you write, which saves you the effort of learning techniques as well as prevents the risk of developing hand fatigue in the process.

Fountain pens were once an instrument dedicated to special occasions due to its luxurious reputation, but in recent years, it has become the prime choice for daily writing needs compared to ballpoint or rollerball pens. In addition to being the more fashion-conscious choice, it is also environmentally friendly as fountain pens are durable and long-lasting so long as it has proper maintenance.

The only changes necessary are the ink, which is still a more cost-effective choice than regularly replacing other types of pens. The extent of your choices for the nib sizes and style also allows you to practice your creativity, while the functionality promotes a smoother writing experience that eliminates hand fatigue.

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