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How to Choose the Best Fountain Pen for You

Using a fountain pen is a lost art, but beyond its sophisticated image, it offers various benefits that aim to enhance your writing experience. For one, the tip of its nib is the ideal instrument for delivering ink onto a blank page in a natural, free-flowing movement. The best part of all is that when you find the right pen for you, it means gaining a life-long partner as fountain pens can last for several lifetimes.

With so many different options in the market, choosing the best fountain pen to buy can be a daunting process. With that in mind, we’re here to give you a buyer’s guide to help narrow down your search and find the right one to fit all budgets and tastes.

Consider the Size of the Fountain Pen

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a fountain pen is its size. The wrong size can make writing a challenging and uncomfortable ordeal, while the right one can promise ease of use. There is no formula for determining the ideal size for your comfort level, so the best way is to try out a few fountain pen selections for yourself.

Consider the Weight of the Fountain Pen

Fountain pens that have substantial weight often exude a luxurious touch, though you have to consider if it is something that won’t feel taxing later on in your process. The extra weight may cause fatigue to your hands during longer writing sessions, which is why it’s crucial to determine whether you’re using the fountain pen for short or long periods. 

Consider the Filling Mechanism of the Fountain Pen

The best filling mechanism mainly depends on your needs. For instance, if you want to continuously write for long periods without any disturbance, then choosing a piston or vacuum converter are the ideal options as it can hold plenty of ink.

On another note, those who want to play around with different ink colors and welcome the thought of frequent changes may benefit from using cartridges for a quick and easy re-filling method. It is also the easiest to clean.

Consider the Nib Width of the Fountain Pen

Your choice of width for the pen’s nib lies following your handwriting style. If you like to go for large and bold strokes, a broad or medium nib is your best option as it aims for a smooth, full finish to your handwriting. Meanwhile, a fine or extra-fine nib is ideal for those who want to write in thin cursives, though the motion is often less as free-flowing.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, fountain pens are not just meant to impress on a surface level. The design allows you to write with a smooth flow, while the minimal writing pressure is excellent for easing the pain of those suffering from frequent hand cramps.

To that end, finding the right fountain pen for you involves considering various factors that determine the quality of your writing instrument. Our tips above should give you a rundown of the fundamental aspects you need to know when buying a fountain pen that can last you a lifetime.

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